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This is a website for and about artists and their art.

Just Do.
Artists Do Art.
Who else does Art?
Buyers & Sellers Do Art.
And, of Course, You Do Too.

So, if you're an artist:

In one way or another we all do art.

My heart and mind is most with the artists. And I'm one of 'em.

My mission is to support artists of ANY kind and connect them with the world.

For that, I'm giving artists a truly easy and affordable, yet beautiful, website to show and sell their art.

If you're an artist, showing your artwork on ArtDoers is demonstrating your giant commitment to yourself and belief in doing your art.

Just remember that you are one unique example of ALL kinds of artists doing art.

This website is a real opportunity to show what YOU feel as your best work!

You are your own curator. It's up to you to decide what you think is your best.

Keep Doing Art!

— David Stelle, creator (not curator) of —

If you are interested in buying art, put yourself in the socks of an artist and simply read all the above to know the nature of the artists represented here.
Then check out their artwork. It's their best! Enjoy!

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