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Sending An Image of  Your Artwork to ArtDoers

Even if you are not a member of Art Doers you can send an image to show, right now for free!

That way you can enjoy how it looks on the ArtDoers website. Maybe that's all you need.

Beyond that it helps you make some simple decisions about what type of membership you would like and how your artwork is presented.


Whether you have an image on your phone or computer, the process is the same.


This will open a new window with a brief form to fill out.

The first item is a button that will allow you to select the file to send  (called upload).

You will also need to enter your name and email address.

And you can enter some related info such as Category and Title of the artwork.

If you leave the Category blank it will be shown under All Art.


What happens next?

​Keep an eye on your email in case we have any questions for you.

We will most likely respond in a day or two whereupon the image will be posted on the ArtDoers website.

​Then you will receive an email message containing a link to that page so you can simply tap on it and see your artwork image on ArtDoers !

* Tap means either click with mouse or touch on touch-screen.

Simply tap* this button:

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